President & CEO
Nobuhiko Kawakami

Tokyo Eco Recycle was established with Hitachi's capital investment and support, including engineering procurement and construction. We utilize proven Hitachi recycling technologies, such as recovery of valuable raw materials, reuse of parts, and creating energy from waste. Our aim is to recover useful materials from home appliances disposed of in the southern Kanto Area, mainly Tokyo, in compliance with the Home Appliance Recycling Law.

Expanding on our expertise to recover useful materials from disposed home appliances, we have also begun to recycle computers and reuse computer components in accordance with the Law for Promotion of Effective Utilization of Resources (the 3R Policies) of the national government.

We at Tokyo Eco Recycle consider a used product to be a terrestrial resource, and we can make a new product by using (recycling) it. By aiming to create a sustainable society and by expanding the number of products using recycled resources, we will continue to contribute to a local, sustainable society.

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