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Our Principles regarding the Protection of Personal Information

Tokyo Eco Recycle Co.,Ltd. is committed to providing services that you, as a customer, can trust. As part of practices to meet our commitments, we hereby establish the Protection of Personal Information Policy, and take the utmost care in the handling of confidential and personal information to maximize its protection, as we realize that the protection of customer data is our responsibility as a corporate member in society. With the implementation of security measures, we pay special attention to preventing leaks of all of our customers' data (incl. hard copies).

Definition of Personal Information

Tokyo Eco Recycle Co.,Ltd. defines personal information as any information about an individual, such as name, birth date or other remarks, personal numbers, symbols or codes, and photos or voice data that can identify a specific individual (including any information that leads to specific personal information in combination with any other data). Personal information is not limited to personal ID information, but includes all information related to personal attributes such as physical measurements, assets, occupation, title, and all data, including facts, assessments, and evaluations. We are committed to the protection and control of personal information with the utmost and maximum care and responsibility in accordance with the following "Protection of Personal Information Policy."

Policy Application

The following "Protection of Personal Information Policy" sets forth provisions as to the handling of personal information of customers, used by Tokyo Eco Recycle Co.,Ltd.

Protection of Personal Information Policy
1. Collection, Management, Use, and Disclosure of Personal Information
We collect personal information that is necessary for our operation, and use and disclose such information in a reasonable fashion. We establish a system to manage personal information in a proper manner, and implement appropriate measures to prevent collection of personal information not related to business, as well as the use or disclosure of such information for any other purposes not defined herein.
2. Compliance with Laws, Regulations and Other Conditions
We will comply with laws concerning personal information, policies and regulations set forth by the government of Japan, as well as conditions submitted by concerned parties. We set forth regulations and procedures concerning the protection of personal information that shall be compliant with national laws and regulations, and conditions submitted by concerned parties.
3. Implementation of Security Measures
We, under our Information System Management Regulations, control access to personal information, restrict the use of such information only to internal purposes, and use reasonable precautions to protect the information against illegal access from external attacks and risks such as leakage, loss, destruction, or alteration.
4. Periodic Review and Updates of Personal Information Protection Management System
To maintain the handling of personal information to be appropriate and up-to-date, we periodically review and enhance our Personal Information Protection Management System and provide training to all employees.
[Primary Measures]
Physical security measures
Storages where we keep our customers' electronic medium and information devices will be securely locked, and will not be accessible without authorization.
Personal security measures
We raise the awareness of all of our employees as to the importance of the protection of personal information, and provide workshops and training while establishing a comprehensive information security management system and conducting periodic reviews.

Enacted September 1st, 2004
Revised October 3rd, 2011

Nobuhiko Kwakami President & CEO Nobuhiko Kawakami

Purposes of Use of Personal Information and Disclosure to Third Parties

  1. We, as part of the business procedures of recycling industrial waste such as used home appliances, computers, and electronic devices, use personal information limited to that which is necessary for the purposes identified below.
    1. For execution of the agreement entered between Tokyo Eco Recycle Co.,Ltd. and customers;
    2. Contact in regards to meetings, etc with customers;
    3. Providing follow-up services to customers;
    4. Providing information such as upcoming events and new services;
    5. Responses to customer inquires;
    6. Conducting analysis based on surveys for service improvements; and
    7. In the event of a joint project with a subsidiary of Tokyo Eco Recycle Co.,Ltd.
  2. We will not disclose customers' personal information to any other third party without the prior written consent of customers, except where such disclosure;
    1. Is in accordance with applicable law;
    2. Is necessary for the protection of the safety or property of the public, and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the individual;
    3. Is necessary for public health or promotion of education of young learners, and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the individual;
    4. Is made in cooperation with national or local authorities, or an individual or entity appointed by such authorities to enforce the law or carry out legal process, and in which seeking the consent of the individual could affect such enforcement or legal process;
    5. Is necessary to third parties who are assigned to the handling of personal information within the scope of performing the purposes of use previously identified;
    6. Is made pursuant to a merger, acquisition or other business combination.
  3. In the event that we jointly carry out projects with our subsidiary, we may disclose customer information such as name, addresses of both residence and workplace, phone number, fax number and email address, to our subsidiary. In such an event, we will use either a hard copy or an electronic device to provide necessary information. Our customers, however, are entitled to a request for non-disclosure of their personal information.
  4. When customers inquire by phone, we may record telephone conversations to ensure the quality of our services.

Purposes of Use of Personal Information from Home Appliance Recycling Coupons

We use the personal information that customers enter onto a "Payment Slip" or a "Certificate of Payment" issued by the Postal Office for the purposes of confirmation of payment for recycling fees, contact for confirmation, or any communications arising in the event of a cancellation.
The personal information on “Home Appliance Recycling Coupons” issued by agents will be used for inspections or verifying in response to inspection requests filed by a member of the manufacturing companies.

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Description of Technical Terms
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*2 Web beacons
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Requesting Disclosure of Customers' Own Personal Information or Addressing Concerns

If you would like to request a disclosure, correction, addition to, deletion, and termination of use, or suspension of disclosure to third parties of your own personal information, or wish to address concerns, please contact our PMS management office. Click here for more details about a disclosure request, addressing concerns or other inquiries.

Contact for Inquiries

PMS management office
Tokyo Eco Recycle Co.,Ltd.
No. 8-21, Wakasu 2 chome, Koutou-ku, Tokyo 136-0083

Special Remarks and Warning

  1. Our Protection of Personal Information Policy is compiled in accordance with the laws of Japan.
  2. We may revise our Protection of Personal Information Policy according to changes or revisions in the applicable law or other regulations concerning the handling of Personal Information.
  3. The Protection of Personal Information Policy shall come in effect immediately after the date on which is listed (including the date of an update).
  4. We are not liable to the personal information practices of websites you are able to access through links on our website.
  5. You will be required to agree to the terms set forth in the Protection of Personal Information Policy prior to submitting your information on our website. If you do not agree to these terms, you may not access or may be limited to services that we offer online (incl. online inquiries, etc.).

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