Recycling of Electronic Appliances toward Recycling-oriented Society

Tokyo Eco Recycle Co., Ltd. disassembles used electric appliances manually to separate valuable resources thoroughly. The company has established a novel business model in which "wastes" are reproduced as valuable "resources".
One step forward from an effort just to "recover resources" for environmental protection to a business "to create resources" leading to profits-Tokyo Eco, as a front runner in the world has been striving to establish a novel approach representing the recycling industry. Tokyo Eco strives for "zero emission." This is a concept in which waste going to landfill sites be reduced to zero. In fact, the four electric appliances designated by the Home Appliance Recycling Law have been recycled as much as possible to eliminate solid wastes to be landfilled in an effort called "Material Recycling.". Tokyo Eco is also working to expand and improve the zero emission effort established for the four home appliances and to apply it to other used items, too. On the other hand, from the viewpoint to promote recycling in the information society, regarding disposal information devices such as personal computers, the company enhance the security level further.

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